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Events 2012

Looking Different to ... Hearing.
On 24 May, a seminar will be given on SI and audiology. It's about the overregistration of sound that some people experience. The seminar is organized by Anders Kijken naar Kinderen in the Netherlands in Dutch language. The day self will be given by Bas Franck, Clinicus Physicist - Audiologist.

Symposium Living Sensationally with Winnie Dunn
On 1 and 2 June there will be the symposium Living Sensationally which is organized by Anders Kijken naar Kinderen. Winnie Dunn, author of the book Living Sensationally and the questionnaire Sensory Profile, will provide these days.The first day is about SI and the Sensory Profile. The second day on the Schoolcompanion, a questionnaire which can be filled by teachers. More information about this symposium can be found on the website of AKK.


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