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Manual Senses Boxes

The senses boxes are created from a project on Children Daycare Centre Zonnehof in Naaldwijk, Netherland. This Children Daycare Centre is part of the Foundation Ipse de Bruggen. In a multidisciplinary study group they wanted to develop a convenient box of each sense which the caretakers could use to see how the children react. It consists of six boxes with in each box one sense and different materials with different stimulus strength. The diversity of the materials helps you observe a lot of aspects of the sense. The boxes are very easily putting together with everyday materials or materials we advise on our webpage products.

Besides the boxes we tried to put the basics of the sensory processing theory in a small book. We tried to develop this to a short manual with practical tips and instructions. The manual goes first into the concept of sensory processing and tells something about the different senses we have. By each sense is then indicated which materials you can use to observe and activate the sensory processing. For this observation are simple scoreforms made to record the sensory responses to the stimuli. These responses can later be merged into its own document for a child with the stimuli that he or she likes and the stimuli they don't like. For the gathering of this information is also a format form available. At the end of the manual are some added attachments containing additional information about specific areas.

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