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Experience Stories

Our experience stories are books for children that stimulate the development of the senses. At this moment we only have the serie on Clown Rodie who is having many adventures. In each adventure one sense has the highlight or a combination of senses. These senses are stimulated by the materials advised in the book during the reading of the story. It takes into account certain development steps in these senses.

Besides the Clown Rodie serie we are engaged in the development of new series. This books will also focus on the sensory processing. The books and the way they stimulate the senses will differ form the Clown Rodie series. New developments shall be reported on this website and by our facebook, twitter, linkedin or hyves account. See the homepage to get to this social media.

Besides the stories we write, we wrote a manual to observe the sensory processing during activities. this is intended for people who are not trained in sensory processing. For the people who are skilled it can be a useful tool to report stimuli responses of the senses during observation or therapy activities. More information of the manual senses boxes can be found under the button senses boxes.

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