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S@M (Sens@bilities in Mind)

S@M is a company that writes sensroy books for all children, including children with a mental and/or physical disabilities. We write experience stories by ourself. Our first serie is about Clown Rodie. These stories are for young children. In these stories he experience the greatest adventures. During the storie are tips on getting the story support with materials. The materials in each story are focusing on a different sense.

The work for the company are implemented in addition to our fulltime job as an occupational therapist in the field. This makes that our everyday experience immediately can be included in the stories that are currently written.

The first book of S@M : Clown Rodie and the cheerful sun, was originally written for a holiday of the National Epilepsy Fund (NEF). Through the enthusiastic response of the audience we continued to develop further our ideas. For all our productsthe sensory processing is standing centrally.

Besides writing the books focuses on the sensory processing, we would like to share our experiences with various materials. This refers in particular to materials that you somehow can use for the development of senses. We hope that this in addition to our own experience it will be filled with experiences of others in the field. This information can be found under the button sensory materials.


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