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S@M (Sens@bilities in Mind)

The idea of S@M is conceived and developed by Miranda Zwijgers and Angelique Kester. Both are occupational therapists and word with disabled children. A few years ago they started this company to put all their knowledge and experience on paper and share this with others. They both started their work at Foundation Ipse in South Holland, now called Foundation Ipse de Bruggen, as an occupational therapist at the daycare centers. Angelique went to Rijndam rehabilitation centre in Rotterdam after several years and has there for many years a major role in working with sensory processing. Miranda has worked many years within the Foundation Ipse de Bruggenand tried, along with her colleagues, to translate the theory of sensory processing to the target group of children with mental and fysical disabilities. For a while now she applies this knowledge by children with visual impairments within the Royal Dutch Visio in the Amsterdam region and North West Netherland.

Both had been involved as a volunteer at the holidays of the National Epilepsy Fund (NEF) where once their first idea of an experience story of Clown Rodie originated.

Thanks to the support of Barry Emons it has succeeded this first story to be converted to a product. Our books, experience stories of Clown Rodie, can be ordered by our online store and through Barry Emons and K2 Publisher.

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