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Welcome by S@M (Sens@bilities in Mind), a company founded by two occupational therapists from the field.

We develop books for children that stimulate the development of the senses. At this moment we only have the series on Clown Rodie who is experiencing many adventures. In each adventure one of the senses is a highlight or a combination of senses. These senses are stimulated by the materials advised in the book during the reading of the story. These advises follows certain development steps in these senses. In the coming years we will focus on new stories. In the future you will find more information or news about it on this website. The older or free books of Clown Rodie can be found and ordered by our Dutch webshop. The new books who are adjusted can be found by K2 Publisher. For now we only have the books in Dutch language. But if there are people who want to have the books in English, we will consider to translate the books.

In the past we sold sensory materials. We stopped this because the market is to big for us. We still have soms supplies. When you are interested, you can send us a email or look at our Dutch webshop for a small selection of this.

On our website we would like to give you more information about different sensory products and how you can use them for the development of the senses. We also tell you where you can buy the products in the Netherlands, but also some other countries.

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