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Target groups within the Occupational Therapy

As occupational therapists we come into contact with many different people. Every person is unique, yet it is often easier to talk when you gather people with the same features under one umbrella support. By this way we get different audiences or target groups.

We want at this part of our website elaborate at some target groups and what you maybe can see in sensory processing at these additional audiences. Especially for the use of our stories, we would like to give some specific tips. We apply the classification used for special education in the Netherlands. We will explain this classification below here.

General : Children without disabilities from the regular education
Cluster 1 : Children with visual disabilities
Cluster 2 : Children with a hearing impairment
Cluster 3 : Children with multiple disabilities
Cluster 4 : Children with behavioral constraints
Day care : Children with disabilities who go to a day care centre instead of special education.


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