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Sensory Processing

the books that we provide and the information about materials is all based on sensory processing and the development of children in this area. the pioneer Jane Ayres form America is the one who described this term and the principles that belong. Since then it is impossibel to imagine this theory out of the practice of occupational therapists and many other therapists.

The developments have not stood still in the past years. There is more experience, there have been studies done and several theories have been combined. There are many sites to find information about developments, research and target groups. Please refer furder under the button links.

We have let us inspired by different visions by writing the books and during our work as an occupational therapist. these visions are all created by implication of the theory developed by Jane Ayres. So there is a important vision of the development of sensory processing disorders explained by Lucy Jane Miller. She ha previously worked with Jane Ayres and has continued the development of the theory of sensory processing. Another common name is Winnie Dunn. Her vision is broadly in line with the visio of Lucy Jane Miller, but just what other accents. She is the author of the Sensory Profile, a major parent questionnaire that is increasingly used in the Netherlands during the research process.

More general information about what sensory processing is, you can read under the button General. More information about sensory processing and what is known about it with different diagnoses, can be found under the buttons Autisme, ADHD and CVI.


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